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Class of 2022 Adult Program
Class of 2022

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Program Outcomes

Upon the successful completion of the Leadership Adams Institute, participants will have the ability to:

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Basic Selection Criteria for Leadership Adams Institute: An important factor in selection is identifying those individuals most apt to utilize their leadership for the long-term benefit of the community. Basic criteria for achieving this selection are:

  1. Individuals with a sincere commitment, motivation, and interest in service to the community
  2. Individuals who have demonstrated commitment by past community activities
  3. Individuals interested in or intending to seek public office, representation on boards, commissions, or key volunteer leadership roles
  4. Individuals with potential to assume top leadership positions within their own organization and who, in turn, may play a significant role in the community
  5. Individuals with the commitment to remain in Adams County for the foreseeable future
  6. A cross section of participants from business, government, community services, geographic location, etc
  7. Individuals who live and/or work in Adams County
  8. Individuals who will make a commitment to set aside one day per month for class and additional time for project related assignments