Leadership Adams
Growing People to Grow our County


Investment in Adams County's Future:

Join us as we invest in the future:
    The program is directed toward future leaders
    You can help us grow county wide leadership for the future
    You will see long term results for continual growth

It is a quiet way to give back wtih long term results:
    It is not about promotion and visibility...
    It will show your confidence in your community's future
    You will be investing in your future customers
    Ambassadors will be trained for the community and your business

Staff/Leadership improvement expectations:
    Networking opportunities with other like minded individuals
    Your key people can benefit by participating 
    They will receive continued education credit through Southern State Community College
    Broadened understanding of the community and its people
    Strengthen local business skills
    Staff members invested in our community that are more likely to stay
    Recognition of quality of life issues that will retain employees
    Nominated staff members appreciation
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